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7 Taiwan International BJJ / No-Gi Championship
July 15th, 16th, Start 9:00
Taipei Xin-Yi Sports Center 6F
No. 100, Songqin Street, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110
About 3 minutes walk from MRT Taipei 101 / World Trade Center Station Exit 3
[Sanction by]:
Chinese Taipei Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association
Taiwan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Saturday – BJJ
Sunday – No-Gi Grappling / Kids BJJ
CTBJJA rules for English refer to IBJJF rules
Participants have to be in good health without any infectious disease.
Mighty Mite, Pee Wee, Junior, Teen, Juvenile, Adult, Master 1 and Master 2 category only.
Online registration Start May 25th
[Dead lines]:
First early bird deadline. June 1st Thursday 23:59 Taiwan time
Second early bird deadline. June 15th Thursday 23:59 Taiwan time
Final deadline: July 6th, Thursday 23:59 Taiwan time
[Competitor correction deadline]:
July 7th Friday 23:59 Taiwan time
***If you do not have an opponent in your bracket you can contact tournament@ctbjja.org(Subject : CORRECTION) till the day before registration check day and request a change in your registration.
[Registration check day]:
July 8th Saturday 23:59 Taiwan time
***The competitors must check your registration information on the registration check day.
***The registration fee is non-refundable.
(Exemption: The competitors who are alone in their bracket are eligible to receive a full refund of the registration fee if they contact tournament@ctbjja.org
(Subject : CANCELLATION) and request to withdraw their name from the competition prior to the end of the appointed event registration check day.

For Adult, Master 1, Master 2 CategoryFirst early bird – 1000 NTD (Gi or no-Gi) and 1500 NTD (Gi and No-Gi Grappling)
Second early bird – 1300 NTD (Gi or no-Gi) and 2000 NTD (Gi and No-Gi Grappling)
Final deadline fee – 1500 NTD (Gi or no-GI) and 2300 NTD (Gi and No-Gi Grappling)
***Open Class additional 300 NTD for each event.
***Black-belt competitors entry fees are waived.
***Adult Open Class division winner will receive a Gi from one of our tournament sponsors.
For JuvenileFirst early bird – 800 NTD(Gi or No-GI) and 1200 NTD (Gi and No-Gi Grappling)
Second early bird – 1000 NTD (Gi or No-GI) and 1500 NTD (Gi and No-Gi Grappling)
Final deadline fee – 1300 NTD (Gi OR no-GI) and 2000 NTD (Gi and No-Gi Grappling)
*** No Open Class for Juvenile division.
For Mighty Mite, Pee Wee, Junior, TeenFirst early bird – 800 NTD (Gi only)
Second early bird – 900 NTD (Gi only)
Final deadline fee – 1000 NTD (Gi only)
*** No Open Class for Mighty Mite, Pee Wee, Junior, Teen division.
Saturday – BJJ  IBJJF belt rank
Sunday – No-Gi Grappling
Beginner (BJJ white-belt or < 2 years No-Gi Grappling experiences)
Advance (BJJ blue-belt or < 5 years No-Gi Grappling experiences)
Elite (BJJ purple-belt above or > 5 years No-Gi Grappling experiences)
Sunday – Kids BJJ
All color belts
***Girls and boys brackets are mixed.

[Age categories]:
Saturday – BJJ / Sunday – No-Gi GrapplingJuvenile (Current year) – (Birth year)  16 years old
Adult (Current year) – (Birth year)  18 years old
Master 1 (Current year) – (Birth year)  30 years old
Master 2 (Current year) – (Birth year)  35 years old
Sunday – Kids BJJMighty Mite (Current year) – (Birth year)  6 years old
Pee Wee (Current year) – (Birth year)  9 years old
Junior (Current year) – (Birth year)  12 years old
Teen (Current year) – (Birth year)  15 years old

[Regulation match durations]:
Saturday – BJJIBJJF belt rank
Sunday – No-Gi GrapplingJuvenile Beginner 5min ***Beginner onlyAdult Beginner 5min Advance 5min Elite 6min
Master 1 Beginner 5min Advance 5min Elite 6min
Master 2 Beginner 5min Advance 5min Elite 5min
Sunday – Kids BJJMighty Mite 2min
Pee Wee 3min
Junior 4min
Teen 4min

[Weight categories]:
Saturday – BJJIBJJF weight list
Sunday – No-Gi GrapplingJuvenile female (-48kg, -56kg, 56kg above *** No Open class)
Juvenile male (-59kg, -69kg, 69kg above *** No Open class)
Adult / Master 1, Master 2 female (-58kg, -68kg, 68kg above, Open class)
Adult / Master 1, Master 2 male (-63kg, -70kg, -77kg, -88kg, 88kg above, Open class)
***Weight with competition gear on
***All competitors must wear non-metal pocketless shorts and shirt.
Sunday – Kids BJJMighty Mite (-22kg, -28kg, 34kg, 34kg above *** No Open class)
Pee Wee (-30kg, -36kg, 42kg, 42kg above *** No Open class)
Junior (-40kg, -48kg, 56kg, 56kg above *** No Open class)
Teen (-52kg, -60kg, 69kg, 69kg above *** No Open class)
***Weight with Gi on
***Girls and boys brackets are mixed.
[Weigh-in place]:
Day of event at the venue
[Weigh-in time]:
Weigh-in time will be released 2 days before the tournament.

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