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Kai-san, Mika-chan
Became Eme ♪
An impressed picture arrived.
Hiroshi also Safa ♪
Ms. Noda, Ms. Noriko DD ♪
At that time, I swear to my heart
It really came true! ! !
From Makilon in Kanazawa
Ningenryoku university notes ...
Tears came out.
1st day in September ...
My heart is sensitive.
↓ ↓ ↓
I went to Ningenryoku university!
It was a very precious time.
I almost cried, so I could not write it properly, but please let me report as much as I can grasp!
At the beginning of the lecture ...
Discussed each other's dreams and goals next to each other
Talked about dreams and goals for the remaining period of 2017 or for a year.
Make a celebration → Serious scissors!
Difference between a person who can realize a dream and a person who can not do it ...
Do you know that you have value or possibility?
Are you aware or not?
What do you want?
Mr. Oshima, money and things came in at the beginning, do you really want × 100? What? I thought deeply and deeply.
What I really wanted was confidence.
And, I realized that I wanted a team to discuss and discuss anything, and wanted to make a team.
What I did to change myself was to go to the seminar.
At first I hated the seminar.
I hated listening to people's story since I was a student.
Because I thought that it was like a religion, I did not like going to the seminar as a jar was bought.
However, I was touched by the seminar I went for the first time.
Learn the importance of customs.
But even good training will be forgotten if the date is ...
I want to make a habit of listening to good talks everyday
Good habits make a good heart!
So I should train every day! I started "morning meeting" thought.
【The story of Mr. Mayumi Kadomura】
Although it was an inevitable class, when I thought that I wanted to do something, I learned the "morning assembly at the top" and went to Fukuoka to receive the top morning assembly in Tokyo.
I started doing it with my children in class.
Not everyone did it from the beginning.
I made it with my children.
Then everyone changed.
There is an event
There was a girl.
That child had a bad foot.
But that child's dream was to want to be No. 1 in the sports fight of the athletic meet. Adults around me are said to be impossible.
But, everyone in the class said "I can do it".
The girl was going home after the school was over and was practicing running everyday.
The mother who was watching it saw the appearance of running while saying "I can do" while running my daughter every day, and came to support.
That girl became number one in the athletic meeting.
Pictures of the morning assembly at school turned around the world.
There were slander wounds from 400,000 people. A lot of newspaper and TV coverage also came.
I apologized to the house of each student.
A student 's grandmother said, "Doctor, do you think you should stop morning? Do not quit if you quit! "
I said.
Makoto Mayumi was absent from school for two days. But as I expected to go to school, the children were waiting when I went to the gate.
"Did you know that the teacher will come today? "When asked,
"No, I did not know.
Every day until the teacher came, we were waiting at the school gate, "the students said.
"A lot of people saw our morning assembly, did not they? "
"We are amazing! "
Children believed in the voice of one teacher who was more than slanderous slander.
At that time, my belly sat down.
What is important to me is the children in front of me.
I vowed to have more my own feelings.
And Keisuke Oshima was the one who supported me in such a painful time.
Mr. Oshima told me that "I'm OK, it's a big reversal here".
When my dream comes true, when I thank a lot
In the lesson of life I taught my children using the book "Festival of life".
There are many ancestors.
If I was not alone, I do not have myself.
It was such as.
The one who sat next to the reception party was a very nice person who gathers 2,000 people at Hachioji and gathers events.
I got a lot of learning from that person.
I took the TODO list 100.
When I do that, I erase it with a red line and write "Thank you".
To create self-affirmation
I will try to cover a notebook in a year.
When I looked back on it,
I understand self-affirmation "I did my best this way"
When planning
When when?
where Where?
what what?
who with?
Why why?
how how?
how much How much?
Mailing to Makilon "I was very good!" · · ·
↓ ↓ ↓
I went to the hall, it was a great cry.
Professor Mayumi talked to the end of the lecture and also at the party of the social gathering, but only the companion who will save us when it is painful and painful!
When you are happy, you will double when you are with friends!
So please do not let go of my colleagues who are here now, hold on!
Fellows will be real support!
I understand what I really want is clear
It is a companion who can trust each other from the bottom of my heart
I can talk about anything
And I am confident for myself.
I want to make friends all over the world!
I want to be with me when my friends are in trouble.
I'd like to rejoice with my friends being pleased.
I celebrated this congratulation!
I received a reply ...
This is also impressive ♪
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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


Able to download if you click this site.

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