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I will send information by line!!!「Yamazaki Takumi tsushin」

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A dream realized producer Yamazaki Takumi talks about "the motivated secret! "

 And at the party, will you also sing a song? 

Actually ... I'm scolful



Why do not you join us for a hot three-and-a-half hours?   

【Maruchi! Summer of fire ◆ fes! 2017】  
 July 12th 19: Fire! 

Summer fes special site is here.   
Tickets with lectures and parties, From what at 4480 yen.  

 Only a few remaining parties. 

Please sign up now! 
This summer, your dream starts moving!  
Organized by: Association of Motivated General Association

Co-sponsored: Yuukichi! Summer of fire fes! 

2017 Executive Committee




From Kanazaw to Osaka・・・

and Yuniwa!!!



〒573-1112 Hirakata-shi, Osaka, Japan Misaki Kusuba 3 - chome 12 - 6 Misaki Heights 1F 

Open   12時00分~15時00分, 18時00分~21時00分




Chiko chan will come to Asakatsu soon

On 7/11♪



Sacred to the gods · · ·

 "Rice" "Shio" "Mizu" "Rice" "salt" "water" 

When they are put on fire, it becomes "rice".  

 "Source" of "motivation" "vitality" is rice. 

This is also the source of "money forgiving" "to break up our lives."  

 Just do not eat · · · We receive "light" of food.  

 "Eating" Know "meaning" "how to engage" "how to eat".  

 By itself···   Family relationship changes, 

It is blessed with children's treasures, 

A lover can be made,

 I can make a decision to change my job ...

 "Life will start to change," she said.


Please watch this movie・・・


ceremony that gives life. 

Changing how people relate to meals changes the way they interact with their lives. Interpersonal relationships are also related to life. It also changes.   

Life changes in a food course. Changes are faster than other courses!  

If you have real "rice", "Umeboshi" and "Miso soup" ... 

Japanese can be revived.   The Japanese awakens ... 

"Luck, rice and motivation switch"






Oh I went to Kanazawa book store!!!



It is in the station building premises · · ·

 Really, thank you.

 After that, in Osaka night ...

 Takumi Yamazaki's explosion talk at Ampla! 

Thank you so much for having a relationship!



Kurosugi after~

It was the best!!!

Sushi was great♪



If you want the great life, 

live life like live.


And ・・・

Asataku with Goro!!!



I watched Teppen last month・・・



I saw  "Teppem" from inside this time. 

Goro who made the top academy.   

At what moment do you stand on the axis of "Love and Thank you"? 

In Japan, the best in the world, how to express it?   

In the world "To do" and There is a "to be" faction ...




"To do" faction ... 

Decide what to do and backward calculate it. 

And I wrote "what I should do" to make it true, I put them on a schedule.   

"To be" faction ... In any situation, in any situation, 

Is your attitude, appearance, behavior being done? 

To I look down, confirm, and express.   

I think that the top is the authorization of the "to be" faction.

 Actually, there are many "to be" factions! I  

 I have learned a lot! 

Thank you! 

Audio will be posted at "Takumi College" later on! please register! 

You can learn like a mountain with one coin!




Met with Sumi chan・・・


She was a great woman!

What can we do together~



How can I publish, How can I branding? 

It got excited with how to set up such a strategy ♪ 

I would like to announce the "way of doing" around here all together.   

How to use facebook · · · 
How to use e-mail magazine or LINE @ ... 
How to write a blog · · ·
 Live seminars and posting on YouTube · · ·  
 Learn at a stretch 

Started today!!!








Okinawa ・・・

heavy rainy!!!




After lunch, Go around a bookstore ...   Lunch is a friend's shop! 

By all means, Okinawa ... Please go!!!




cafe&dining Sun to Moon








Tell "Why did you notice its charm?" Rather than "to convey attraction!



Noda A nice smile!

 Good move! 

feel good! 

Good flow! 

Good time!   

From Nodacchi mail magazine ...   

"If today is the last day of my life,   

What I'm about to do now is   

Is it really what I want to do? "   

 (Steve Jobs)





Thank you!




Seminar at Urasoe ... Great success! Itwas fun! 
  Finish and go to "Uryun" · · · 

Indeed delicious!!!




Nodacchi's birthday again.

He is happy man. lol



Ohira san...

Thank you!






Detakosoba today

Thank you!





Next Okinawa is November ...

 It is a gateway gate!  

 <Toryumon version> 

9/6 Sapporo 

9/7 Sendai 

10/2 Nagoya 

10/3 Osaka 

10/6 Kanazawa 

11/8 Takamatsu 

11/9 Fukuoka 

11/15 Okinawa



Okinawa junq do



Office looks fun too!!




 I mistook it in Kyoto! (Lol)   One night's seminar at Kawaguchiko yesterday ♪ Gachi was excited!

Thank you for the best time.


Thank you for all the guests!



600 people got excited!!!



Naruse's LM was great isn't it↓↓↓



Minato BMX also participated! 
X Game (X GAME) Nine people from the world have been chosen! 

Oike Minori・・・





Her sticker.

Please see this!http://www.taku-blog.jp/?eid=8737


Thank you。



Thnak you all the staff.



Moving to Mishima・・・



Thank you.



Wow! Thank you in Hiroshima!

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