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I came back to Japan!

In an airplane
First, factorize who I am.
* Reference "Coaching note"

after that,
I wrote each own dream and deadline · · ·
I wrote 100 dreams again!
Great time!

Air france.
Jaguar Limousine drives for us until the plane (to the base)

The lounge ...
I was surprised that the meal was too good.
It was Alain Ducasse!!!

Ducasse's chocolate shop I found in the city of Paris!
Yamazaki Takumi, I'm addicted! lol

We will also show rooms in Paris for rent.
No luggage. lol
Is there anyone you would like to rent?

Sisen dish where Daunha took me・・・


I heard here is yummy too!!!

Room in Paris where Picasso lived ...
Takumi Yamazaki's lucky number! lol


Thank you everyone.

Zoven women ...
Zwolakuk ♪ Popular!
@ Azabu Juban office

Looks good!

Thank you!

Everyone learning in many places・・・

Thank you!

Kansai spreedents.
First won!

Yarucchi children!!!
Good luck!!!

It's the Olympic Games!
Do your best!

You can see the magnitude by looking at this.
It's a stinging Olympic game!

I wanna buy this sticker!!!


It was fun with my frineds in Paris.

Thank you.

Have tea in Costes・・・

Paris is fun♪

At the beginning of the hot summer
Hot chocolate show · · ·
delicious! lol


I ate this beef soup. lol

I will leave Paris this evening.

World moves?!

Basic Income



Thank you everyone!
Ranking has gone up on Amazon ♪

As of the morning what was the latter half of the 200th place.
The influence of Nikkei advertisement, or ranking up in the night · · ·
In the morning of today, the ranking became double up,
It seems that it rose to the 70th place at 4 o'clock.

In the category of <common sense, manner of manners>, I have been ranked first in the night since yesterday evening.
Thanks to everyone! Thank you!


I entered Paris yesterday!
The gate has suddenly changed at Nice airport ...
Quick run! 

Kaoru Nakajima's quick running, so fast... I knew that he is good at short distance, but eveb long distance, he runs fast!  

From end to end ...
We ran!

Successfully in time ...
Was good~♪

Zeha- Zeha ~
Mr. Kaoru has arrived to the gate in first!
He enjoys Roland Garros for four days.

 In Paris after a long absence
Takumi Yamazaki who is excited and took photo of Arc de Triomphe ... lol

Thank you everyone!

Nodacchi Birthday!

Thank you in Hamamatsu!

Suddenly met!!!

Ibiza's scent remnants ...
Mr. Akiyama photographed!

「Sugoi girl」Thanks!


From morning・・・

To ”Hippie Market "...

Yesterday ... · "Blue Marine Ibiza" and "Sunset Ashram"
I went there with Yume & Aki!

So impressed! 
Especially sunset ashram, yeah good!!!

Went to clubbling・・・

It was great!

I went to Tennis and Spa!

The last party will be held tonight.
I will move to Paris tomorrow!


"How to speak" · · · Live seminar ♪

~ Fierce argument! What is the happy way of life in the AI ​​era?  ~

↓ ↓ ↓

AI is still an "eye" ...
What if the problem can be solved by spinal reflex? 

When the washing machine began to get popular? 
Does AI penetrate in the future? 

Washing machine is popular · · ·
Food is available at convenience stores · · ·
Therefore, married people decreased.

Is human beings thinking about work? 

There is no difference between Pokemon GO and Uber.
AI is responsible for intellectual processing.

A flyer
Get abstract
I can read a book in 5 minutes ...

Reagan, Thatcher
Nakasone · · ·
Privatization of JNR, Electric Public Corporation, Monopoly Corporation!
Free trade

1000 trillion debts · · ·
One in six people ... Poverty children.

Motivation disparity
Can you motivate things different from others?
Communication gaps
Voluntary motivation · · ·

Disparity is born by knowledge gaps
Enrich people who work wisdom? 
Knowledge gap disappears in AI

I am undergoing training to think
Maximum training to publish papers

Correct answer
More experiences without correct answers
Discussion training

A moving person
You only have to hire a thinker

A person not to be disliked is
People who do not discuss.

Humans collapse
Age to redefine the concept of a new human

Human beings can not differentiate
For non-genes, it will not be transferred to the next era
However, artificial intelligence is sent wisdom to the next.

Motivation is all ...
"I want to do it!"


Thank you everyone!

Reiko Ogawa's work↓↓↓

Oh! Everyone who is Yarucchi Facilitator!

Happy birthday!

People in Shikoku~♪



【Another 50 seats left! 】

【Takamasa Ikeda & Takumi Yamazaki Talk Event Tour in all prefectures.
Two popular motivators talk about "How to solve the motivational equation"] @ Nagoya

Date and time June 16, 2017 (Friday)
Opening at 18:30
Opening 19: 00
20: 30 autograph session
In commemoration of the launch of the new book "Motivational Encyclopedia" released on June 12, we will hold a nationwide talk event tour by Takumi Yamazaki, a business writer representing Takamasa Ikeda and Sanctuary Publishing, in commemoration of the release.

Murray in charge

↓ ↓ ↓ For details ... ↓ ↓ ↓

Mallorca's Cathedral ...

There is a saying that Stone Sebastian's bone, plague will cease.


Gaudi's work・・・



It was expelled for being too overkill ... 

However, once famous, it was decorated again?!



Super impact・・・






What a Ohra・・・

It turns in to want to know how Spain walks until now.



・・・if the power of Islam is strong, this pig dish did not exist ...

NHK Closeup Gendai
"" A world without work "will come!"
How do you enjoy your leisure time ... The time to worry about it comes? 
Do you pay salary even if you do not have a job?  (= Basic income)
↓ ↓ ↓
Takafumi Horie Introduce basic income
Shiho Jiro Takeda Tsuneyasu
Adult 300,000 yen
Distribute 70,000 yen for children uniformly! 
I do not have to work ...
Everyone lives their lives creatively.
In Europe the movement to be introduced



Thank you everyone




Takumi Yamazaki「Emotional switch」・・・

Please read this!!!




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taku`s blog**



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