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Takumi Ikeda & Takumi Yamazaki National Talk Event Tour (Osaka · Aichi · Fukuoka · Tokyo)
Two popular motivators talk "How to solve the motivational equation"
Takumi Ikeda & Takumi Yamazaki National Talk Event Tour
Two popular motivators talk "How to solve the motivational equation"
In commemoration of the launch of the new book "Motivational Encyclopedia, Encyclopedie" released on June 12, we will hold a nationwide talk event tour by Takemi Yamazaki, a business writer representing Takumi Ikeda and Sanctuary Publishing, in commemoration of the release.
"Illustrated motivation great encyclopedia" is a book that gathers things that can be used in business from among experimental results on motivation performed at research institutions around the world, such as Stanford University and Harvard University, and explained it with an easy-to-understand illustration.
In this event, how do people move to two of popular motivators? On the other hand, how do I not want to move? , I will talk about "how to solve the motivation equation" in a dialogue form.



















Seminar in Osaka · · ·
I did it with Akiko.
Many people met me and I enjoyed it!
Thank you very much.

Please send me the pictures taken by everyone! 

Last night was ... Tokyo!
Join at Squid Center ♪
A fun group gathered!!!

Ms. Azusa who lost her passport in Hong Kong! 
A delicious squid!
Our line group is "Squid"♪


★★★山崎拓巳 Original BAG★★★ 
A long time request from everyone !! Tote with zip BAG 



Thank you everyone.


This is distributed in Masion・・・

Keisuke Oshima 's seminar the other day,
It was very popular so I will do a long version with in July.
You can count on me!!!

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


Able to download if you click this site.

With Keisuke Oshima "Asataku"!

Celebrate beforehand ... prewar.

Influence of Hisui Kotaro · · ·
How to achieve the best dream.
I am amazed at how brain functional! 

☆ What is your best dream now?
Please say "good!" With a smile.

☆ What cherishes you to make your dream come true?
First thrilled! 
Say "good!" On error.
Baseball club, if they are not enjoying.
When the director says "Good!" They can go to Koshien.

You can succeed if you get excited. (Professor Nishida)
Because we can draw out abilities ...

"How to fulfill dreams in the world"
↓ ↓ ↓
"Fun things"
"Exciting things"! 
Dreams hate serious! 

Are you excited about your dream? 

↓ ↓ ↓ 7 exciting ↓ ↓ ↓

1) Are you excited about your dreams and goals?
Everyday, image of what has come true
The best success is when the wedding ceremony is decided
Image of blessing image
It is not a diet, but an image after that

2) I'm excited when harder it is

3) I'm excited about my daily work and practice

4) I'm excited for the fun and excitement

5) I'm excited from the morning
Serotonin is secreted when taking the morning sun until 7 am

6) I am excited about my possibilities

7) Who do you want to please now? Exciting = thanks

Prelude ...
Softbank's Son san also everyday,
He is thinking about the great success of the project
It seems that he is starting a project after he was delighted.

Cherry blossom viewing celebrations are also prestigious ...
It seems that he prevailed the rice crop of autumn.
Also the Bon Odori.

Learning cram school · · ·
Have my diploma write my passing.
And also the pose at that time.
Who will rejoice?
How to report it?
Imagination ...
What kind of words do you get from around?
I was impressed and then studying.

Be pleased first! 
Mothers who fulfill their children's dreams ...
Takeda Tetsuya's example → picture! 

☆ What did you feel?
Jump box image https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZyFJpvBgIA
Everything is here
Who would you like to be happy?

For what
For anyone = ambition
What will you do? 
Will be one! I

A dream will come true when the switch turns on as much as you can cry! 
Jump box = to encourage sick mother

Dad to Mom
I will write a letter.
Thanks letter! 

I moved and it was great!


Tea with intercontinental afternoon! 
was fun! 
Time passed like an arrow (lol)

Yesterday in the evening,
Power Tea Time! 
It was fun again!
Thank you very much.

"Act 3 of the night is over and went to "Sumiya"!
was delicious!

Ah! yesterday! 
I met Mr. Tetsuya Hisada!
40th light flyweight Japan Champ.

Congratulation, Kiryu san!

Takumi Yamazaki children!!!
Thank you!

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


Able to download if you click this site.

Yesterday it was "International Business Shinan" in Shibuya from the morning! 
Nagata's presentation is Clever!!!

The day before was "Kenzo Estate"
Drunk with Takahashi Ayumu ...
His existence is "stimulation" ...

Millennium generation

Universal Basic Income

Global Citizenship

World Passport

The keywords for the next era were overflowing.
The times are wanting to change!

and went to Nagoya ...
To "business seminar" organized by Mr. Ishibashi! 
I felt monmon air just before the explosion.

Mikazuki was the guest・・・
Thank you.
I met her son!!!

Thank you verymuch.
Especially Takahara san!
I will go Yamaguchi!!!

Congratulation on your marriage!
From Hamamatsu・・・

Yaucchi facilitator.
I am so happy!

Coaching notes · · ·
[Takumi Yamazaki WEB SHOP]
ID: gohan
PASS: 3737

You can buy it here!

Now, from Osaka "Todoroki" ...
A collaboration with Keisuke Oshima!!!

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


Able to download if you click this site.


Takumi san,
Good morning!

Great book it was!
It was the best! 

It will be trouble if it my group read it.
It was a book in which Takumi 's greatness was condensed.

There were plenty of learning and specific behavior changed

I felt that I was going to be conscious of being the first to enlarge the group "39 with altruistic feelings, turning over".

It was connected with the story of the poster Tibetan monk and trembled!

We are a nuclear family born from a nuclear family!

I have been influenced a lot in the last 5 years since I knew you.

I got a sense of being able to think that it was nice to meet Takumi san.

If everyone in my group bought it,
We will check the level of which chapter impressed with! lol

We are all looking forward to our future work to be used as altruism by Takumi's talent.


I received impressions ...!
Thank you!


Thank you! 
I bought it at Amazon quickly!

And Takumi's new book arrived! 
I was excited to read it!
Thank you for a wonderful book! 

Sayaka Kondo

I am aiming for the world's best in BMX!

However, expedition costs are strictly gathering aid.

I would be happy if you could cooperate!


【Report and cooperation request】 【Share, spreading great hope】
【Please help the expedition expenses in the USA! 】

X GAMES to be held in Minnesota, USA on July 13 - 16
I will participate in the VANS Pro BMX Cup (US OPEN) to be held in California, USA on August 4-6

X GAMES will do demo run with about 10 invited guests, not in the convention format! This year there is a demo time of Women's on the official schedule so it is highly likely to be broadcast. In the future, I will participate in the game to establish Women 's frame in X game.

I do not know if VANS Pro BMX Cup (US OPEN) will be in tournament format, but also participate only with invited riders and fly with the world's top girls.

I graduated from high school, came out to the Kanto, living alone. The current company is a major white company, but I could not get a one-month break on rocks.
I thought about lots of troubles by myself, still I had a strong desire to ride with X game and US OPEN in the US, retired from my current job, decided to leave the apartment and go to the USA.

It is a quick spirit.
I have retired in July and I lost my job and I can not afford to spend a month in the United States with little savings.
Those who give us your feelings, we invite you to donate expenses.
I have strong feelings to absolutely earn money by myself and do what I like with my money, but this time is not realistic.

I understand that such behavior is pros and cons quite a lot.
It is difficult to return the funds you receive with funds, but I would like to return it in some form.

Those who lend us your power, I hope to contact you.
Please message of SNS! It is! It is! It is! It is!
I will tell you my account etc.

I quit my job and leave the apartment where I live and it is a level that I can not think about now after I return home, but I'm on a bet with that momentum!
If there are those who support the American expedition that I gave my life bet, thank you very much.

Thank you for looking through the long sentences!
Even just having you share it and spread it is very helpful! Thank you!

Girls BMX rider
Oike Minori (Ooike Minato)
Born in 1996.12.02 (20 years old)

I touched the motocross race etc from early childhood, I started riding Freestyle BMX from the end of the second grade of junior high school and it was my 6th year

Entry to the BMX convention for the first time in a junior high school third grader.
PERUGIA CUP 2011 is 8th in beginner & women's class.
Won the Beginner & Women's Class with PERUGIA CUP 2013, to become Japan's top girls rider.

There are almost no girls classes in the domestic competition, and every time I go to the competition, I am riding in a male rider.

Challenge the world championship
2013.3.17 Estonia · Tallinn World's highest convention
High single travel to SIMPLE SESSION 13
5th in Sister Session

World series held in China in October 2015
FISE World Chengdu
Girls class victory

2016 USA · Texas State
Participate in X GAMES exhibition

This year, we invite from X-GAMES and VANS Pro BMX Cup (US OPEN) in 2017 and plan to travel to BMX's home country in the USA one month from July to August

Appearance in overseas commercials, magazines, shows at various events, etc.

Last year's X GAMES Girls session movie

Accessories and miscellaneous goods · car shift knob
Yanagiya islandpoint

Maintenance of the body and body creation
Sagamihara acupuncture orthostatic clinic / body laboratory

Off-time clothes and expedition items

BMX parts maintenance




From Ikeda Takamori's facebook ...

What is happening now is that,
It is not a reason not to make a decision,
It only becomes a condition to make a decision.

Because it is raining, I will not go out,
rather than
Because it is raining, I will mark an umbrella,
Just heading for a new decision.

Every wall and problem,
Just by setting up the situation we will go forward,
They do not mean something excessively.

Our primary desire,
I want to do something, want to do, want to get, etc.

Our secondary desire,
It is meaningful to happen in the way there,
I want to know, I want to think, I want to understand.

Direction was born with primary desire,
With a secondary desire we get wisdom.

- While reading the national book winning work "name editor Perkins".


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


Able to download if you click this site.

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