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 That makes people grow! It is! It is! Kanto is today, Kansai is tomorrow · · 

 It seems to be listed in the Yomiuri Shimbun!!!



July began. How did you feel this month? 

And what kind of mood do you want to have at the end of this month?   

When July, August is over ... 

It is September.

 What time should I be in these two months?



Best episode・・・



It was held in Kyushu, Omuta One night's seminar organized by Mr. Muroiba!

 It was wonderful!  

 Doctor's story ... I stabbed it! 

  Drinking water, Eating nutrition, The body is made with the air sucked. 

There are the world's best brands in each genre · · · I see!  I tought.



Ramen at Napon and Hakata · · · 

I had tea at Kokura with Ms. Wada!!!



This! this! 

  A person hired to bundle those who are employed. 

The president stands at the top. 

And a business owner making a structure.

 And investors who hire people who can make that mechanism.




I realized yesterday ... It's unexpectedly difficult to say "Do not talk about charm, tell why you noticed that charm."   

Please try it.

I will face my life.



Tsutaya at Fukuoka airport・・・

Thank you so much

I am looking for how it will.



and Nagoya with Miyaki group.

Thank you.



It was a lovely time! 
By giving the opportunity to speak The topic of "Lion Round Meeting" rose. 
It is a legendary seminar about 30 years ago from now! 
 To that person Giving an opportunity to speak. 

That makes people grow!!!



Thank you everyone



Looks fun Azabujuban!!!



Thank you



Please drink water!!!






Happy, contagious! 
Surrounded by warm colleagues ... 

It is definitely wonderful!!!



Best BMX in Japan「Minato」・・・



Yasu who is going to Betnam and Yoko from France!!!



I am looking forward to see you again



Best yesterday!!!



Thank you for sugoi girl!



I am dreaming to cartoonize "17 rules of dreams"





I got email from Ranka.

She will work with Hiroshi Itsuki?



I am reading her new publication now. 

The contents of this time ...       Bashar!     
It is an interview with Darryl Anca. great!  
   I knew Bashar's information I wonder if she is 25 years old?
 It was over 25 years ago.    
 Secretly I was reading. Like greedy I was reading.   
  As I read her book ...

That's it! That's it! Exciting is important!  
 I thought ... We rebuilt our plan for the next term from September.   
From the target for the next term Remove things that I am not excited ...
 It Supplement with excitement We reworked the achievable design drawing! 
Then the excitement can not stop! (Lol)   
In Umeda's Tutaya in August I will do collaboration talk (Takuaki)! 



Toryumon today.
Internationl seminar!!!!



Thank you for all prizers!!!






September began in another 2 months・・・



Joyce from Thai・・・↓↓↓



Please follow her!   

What kind of charm are there? than···

 Why did you notice its appeal?

 Tell them to convey!   

The past that has survived ... 
A future that will survive ... 
How do you live?   
It is not "gambog" It is "to make a choice to do so".   this···

 I think that it will be very helpful.   ↓ ↓ ↓

Kizuna Club Special Lecture Yamazaki Takumi × The Chogen Rinpoche

 "Let's talk about important things in life"

 Date and time Friday, July 21, 2017 Open at 6:00 pm Opening at 6:30 pm (Scheduled to end at 8:30 pm)

 ◆ Venue Ushikari crown citizen hall Shinjuku-ku Ward 15 Nagisaki cho * Toei Subway Oedo Line "Ushigome Kagurazaka" A1 exit 0 minutes on foot from the exit  

 【Lecture application page】 Https://passmarket.yahoo.co.jp/event/show/detail/016i2hyssage.html 
 Please join us!


make that choice too Choose a new future! 

Soon this DVD will come out・・・!!!








 Yesterday morning

Together with Kawaguchi Tadahiro and power breakfast!
  Move to New York From the moment I decided three years later 
Mr. Chu Dai who makes the full of light full every day ♪   
Best talk, Thank you very much.




Thank you everyone!!!





Lunch with「foxtails」takao・・・

↓↓Please listen↓↓↓


takao is cool!!!



Collaboration Asakatsu seminar with Mika Nakajo  ・・・


It was fun! lol



Thank you everyone



Honobono time!!!



Jingisukan lunch!!!



I was so hungry~♪



Salt Jingiskan!!!

It was yummy♪



I slept so deep because of the massage in day



Thank you Atsumari.

Happy wedding・・・









"Suspicious way of speaking" is good ... thank you very much!  

 there··· Again It will be a guide of the new publication ♪     

Such a mail I got from the publisher.

  ↓ ↓ ↓  

 As shown in the attached image,

 It is ranked number one in amazon's new arrival ranking "modern thought" department! 

This is the ranking of reserved items. I am happy.^ ^



 Thank you everyone so much



Now amazon, it is second in even overall contemporary thought ranking, not new arrival! 
(I have not released it yet)  
 A contact ... ... has entered now! 

Thank you

コメント: 山崎拓巳・・・初の旅本です♪


taku`s blog**


taku`s blog**



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